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Business Getaways


Imagine the luxury of your own private resort with your colleagues and clients. Fortifying relationships, enhancing team cohesion and leadership, surrounded by nature and serenity.


Villa Riad provides the ideal setting for business getaways; whether for a week of productivity or a relaxing weekend!


We'll arrange your space with the essentials for creativity, collaboration and unwinding.

Enjoy local seasonal menus, relaxing spa treatments, and tailored experiences, reflecting the best of the Byron Bay life.


Embrace living to work, not working to live!

We arrange:

Meeting Equipment

We provide you with a whiteboard, screen/ monitor, and will set up furniture. This gives you the space to have your meetings, training sessions, or team building.

Daily yoga/ breathing class

We arrange for an instructor to come to the villa, conducting a yoga, meditation or qigong class. This sets you and your team up to start the day right!

Team building/ creative sessions

We'll help to arrange a team building and/or training session, or a creative team activity such as a group art sessions, to promote collaboration and creativity in an enjoyable setting that caters to your team's preferences and priorities.

Private chef/ catering

Our amazing chefs will provide you with a delicious seasonal menu with local ingredients, based on your meal preferences and dietary requirements.

* Please note we require a 3 night minimum stay for bookings

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