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"Host your own wellness retreat, immersed in the serenity and luxury of Villa Rid. Experience an indoor and outdoor wellness retreat at our private resort with spaces for yoga, meditation, and group sessions. Enjoy dining areas both indoors and al fresco, and a dedicated for a seamless experience."

Yoga at Home


  • Magnesium mineral pool

  • Estonian hot rock sauna

  • Indoor and outdoor dining and function spaces

  • Yoga and meditation equipment

Experience the ultimate level of relaxation with a peaceful and luxurious space to unwind and recharge. Located in an idyllic backdrop, we offer the perfect space for you to host an immersive and transformative wellness journey.

Our luxurious amenities, combined with secluded surroundings, ensure an unforgettable experience, from physical relaxation, to emotional balance and spiritual growth. The ideal environment to support holistic wellness & well-being.

From taking a bath under the stars, to relaxing in the magnesium mineral pool, we offer personalised programs to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Available on request

Please let us know when booking if you'd like us to arrange:

  • Private chef/ catering

  • Whiteboard/ screen for training

  • Furniture arrangement for dining/ training sessions

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